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This shoot was more about having fun and being all together than shooting a campaign. Marta and Rita were taking all the pictures so everyone felt so relaxed and at home!

Our M’A girls all know each other, they’re friends now and we just dressed them all up in M’A and asked them to hang out against a white background for a while. They got to do what they wanted and we want everyone to be able to do the same here.

MA S/S17 gives you access to our campaign. We selected our favourite images from the shoot and you can endlessly scroll up, down, left and right to see them all or just refresh the page and you’ll see new images every time! Pick your girl or girls, your favourite piece or look, a random image. Print screen it and work it digitally or print it and work it manually. Illustrate it. Write about it. Use any other image or text that makes you think about it. Make it yours and share it with us by hashtagging it and we’ll share it with everyone else and it will be part of our campaign.

#MAGIRLSSS17 is where you can see all the images curated by you for us. It’s your view on this campaign and this season and the brand.